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shamrock shakes are yummy.
tuuli <>
USA - Sunday, February 23, 1997 at 21:48:34 (EST)
i got inescapable in 91. they rock. so i'm marrying the guy. !!!!
the new album kicks my girl ass.
oh yeah and jim says to come and see my band tuuli.
jennieclaireswain <>
toronto, on canada - Sunday, February 23, 1997 at 21:47:08 (EST)
how i discovered the cranes...well, originally i heard "shining road" on the movie "an eye for an eye"...keifer was just a drumming away to this awesome never dawned on me to check the credits for the group listing...well 6 months later i meet a guy, who looks just like robert smith i must add, and he shows me some cranes i naturally fall in love and i buy "loved"...makes sense don't it? and what do i hear when i pop the album into my cd player? "that cool song from that one movie!" i went nuts...i can't believe it took me that long to finally discover their music...
well, now that i've told the life story of myself...i just want to say i'm SO excited for them to tour...i'm extremely glad that they've decided to include SLC in their!
if you're into the cure also please check out my page...also a great amount of info on the group De/vision...all i can say is that group rocks! you can listen to some of their sounds there...ta ta...and may the force be with you (yes i'm in the "Star Wars" frenzy just like everyone else!)

Mary Smith <>
Salt Lake City, UT USA - Sunday, February 23, 1997 at 02:06:11 (EST)
I first heard the cranes from my best friend and it was like love at first sound.Ever
since then i am known as the biggest cranes fan in the area.I love allison her voice
is so heavenly.and if anyone else would like to talk about the cranes please e-mail me
i really want to talk to you.

Steve Fernandes "LUCID" <>
Belchertown, MA USA - Saturday, February 22, 1997 at 14:36:22 (EST)
I first heard the cranes right about two years ago when i was involved in
university radio. someone played the single "Lilies" on one of their shows.
well after hearing the song lilies i bought the album
loved within a few days and it immediately became my favourite album. A
subsequent trip to Norway that summer uncovered some more cranes fans and i
was insanely jealous that they had played a concert a few months before (in
Bergen) at some tiny club. i have been picking up the other albums as money
allows - and unfortunately i have not seen anything of theirs for $3 in any
bargain bins. i was browsing the net last week and i asked myself what the
cranes hae been up to and a few minutes later i was delighted to find out that
a new album was on the way. i went all over town looking for it last night
to no avail, but i am going to find myself a copy soon if there is any justice.
tickets went on sale today for a show next month in toronto, and i am looking
very forward to that. perhaps i have not been a long serving die hard fan, but
i certainly look forward to a chance to see them live...
sean <>
Kitchener, ON Canada - Friday, February 21, 1997 at 17:04:56 (EST)
I first got into Cranes about seven years ago, through reading Melody Maker. I ordered Self Non-Self from my local record store, and was totally blown away. They became my favourite band at that moment, and have been so ever since. My favourite stuff is definitely the early material. Unfortunately Cranes have not toured Australia, so I have never seen them live.
Julie <>
Perth, WA Australia - Friday, February 21, 1997 at 01:51:33 (EST)
my cousin got me into cranes.i dont know why the music industry calls it pop or rock, i think its more on the gothic side.
anyways i really think she has a beutiful voice.the first song i ever heard was 'tomorrows tears' and after about two weeks of hearing that song, i found myself wanting to hear the cranes agian
now their one of my favrite,i cant help admit that they opened for the cure,and anyone who plays for the cure has got to be good!
elise rohner <>
Capistrano Beach, CA USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 20:25:51 (EST)
i first heard loved and absolutly adored it her voice was so incredible i found wings of joy and soon after bought loved im looking for self not self and i just bought population 4 this album is definitly going to hit the charts in the usa i like the style change and think that as long as they are doing what they love thats great my favourite songs are paris and rome and now angel bell and to be i cant wait to see them march 11
paula chrystina nierzwicki <selfPollution>
lindenwold, nj USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 20:07:32 (EST)
I first heard "Everywhere" on a large-market radio station in Chicago, Q101, before they turned into a Pearl Jam and Nirvana festival. Well, it stuck in my consciousness so that I could still hum it twelve months later, when I finally stumbled across Forever in a record store. Cranes are NOT a popular group in the area, so finding anything at all was a task. I fell in love with the sound and played Cranes tunes gratuitously on my college radio show. I have since picked up Wings of Joy (in a discount rack for $3.00), and Loved (used, $6.99). None of the local stores are carrying the new disc yet, and I've yet to see Self Non-Self anywhere. But I LOVE this band, try to expose all my friends to them, and they totally mesmerize me. Rock on guys deserve any and all recognition and success, and so much more.
Mick Cullen <>
Chicago, IL USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 12:49:14 (EST)
I first saw heard the Cranes when they opened for All About Eve in London at some Brixton
venue. I did not like them at all. Fortunately, my flatmate had a copy of Wings of Joy
and after a couple listenings, I was hooked. I now own every Cranes work except fuse
and I consider myself a Cranes fanatic as does my wife. If anyone wants to get an
offer from me for "Fuse," feel free to e-mail me at the listed address.

Milan Brych <>
Walnut Creek, CA USA - Thursday, February 20, 1997 at 09:08:22 (EST)
My first exposure to cranes was an odd story, it was the end of 1991 & I
was in my last year of service in the U.S. Navy. One of the guys I knew
well was getting out that week & we had similar musical tastes. The day
before he left he gave me two CDs one of which was Wings of Joy. It took
some getting used to, but Watersong sealed the deal for me & I was hooked.
Collecting music is a hobby of mine & tracking down hard to find Cranes
stuff has been both fun & aggravating. The new album is very good & I hope
(cranes pun) it brings them great success. I'm bringing my girlfriend to
the March 22nd show in Chicago, it'll be a first for both of us, but
hopefully not the last.

Mike McDermott < or>
Green Bay, WI USA - Wednesday, February 19, 1997 at 14:15:54 (EST)
hola lo siento porque apenas se mucho ingles,hace unos 5 años que escucho
a los cranes y me encantan,tengo casi todo de ellos,el primer album que
me compré fue el wings of joy y el ultimo el que ha salido ahora,tengo 22
años estudio realizador de cine y tv.,si hay alguien que me entienda que
me escribe,pues de momento nada mas ,un saludo a todo el mundo,tengo ya ganas
de que vengan a europa para ir a verlos.

ito <>
barcelona, spain - Tuesday, February 18, 1997 at 10:53:27 (EST)
i loved *loved* ever since the first day that i heard it. unfortunately i didn't hear a lot more from the cranes since my friend gave me that album until last week when i found population 4 in the radio station mail. could i be more in love with this band? i don't think so.
jacquelyn <>
antigonish, ns canada - Tuesday, February 18, 1997 at 02:27:04 (EST)
in a record store 91 i overheard some snotty industry-type talking about the cranes gig the night before.
'the kids all liked it, but it was crap' was the general tone.
moments later, in the bargain bin i spied a promo copy of wings of joy for three bucks.
i decided to buy it just because the annoying label rep said they were lousy.
(the rep must have dissed some other band i liked, or praised something lame, i forget)
anyway, i liked it.
dmw <>
washington, dc USA - Monday, February 17, 1997 at 22:12:02 (EST)
Well, the first cranes song I heard was "Starblood" and I was in shock and taunted and hated cranes for months. Finally broke down out of sick curiosity and purchased "Loved" right when it came out. Was obsessed and quickly bought others. Never tire of this band - so beautiful and nostalgic and haunting. Check out my complete list of cranes links at my homepage.
emily <>
Fairfield, IA USA - Monday, February 17, 1997 at 16:53:17 (EST)
I first discovered Cranes in 1990 when they released "Espero". Since then, Cranes have been one of my favorite groups.
I first saw them live in 1992 when they were playing at Nova 92 festival in Oslo.
Cranes were almost unknown here in Norway then, so there wasn't many people coming to see Cranes, but they made a very good gig, even if the sound was very bad.
Since then I have seen all the Cranes show here in Oslo.
I and a couple of friends actually met Alison with the rest of the group when they attended Quart Festival in 1994, and had a very nice time there.
I haven't heard the new album yet (it's in the mail when writing this), so I have no opinion about it yet. But I liked their "La Tragedie ..." album (why couldn't we vote on this one?).

Jonny Larsen <>
Norway - Saturday, February 15, 1997 at 16:09:09 (EST)
I discovered Cranes when I found Self-Non-Self in a record store. I've collected their albums ever since,
but this album is still one of my favorites. I try to see them every time they visit this country and have enjoyed
every concert up till now. Over here they ususally play in nice and small places which is great and enables me to take
lots of photos..! I'm considering doing a thumbnail page of them on the web some time soon.
I really loved La Tragedie D'Oreste et Electre
by Alison and Jim and hope to see them perform this stuff live one day.
Sabine <>
Netherlands - Saturday, February 15, 1997 at 08:53:53 (EST)
This is a nice site. I admire simplicity. Cranes first caught my attention when I heard 'Inescapable' playing in a small store in Osaka. I bought the EP and have bought everything since. The new album is a refreshing change of direction. If pop means more success for the band, they deserve it.
If anyone is interested, I administer the Bernard Butler site at , so drop by. I also have a personal site and have included the url here. Cheers.
Craig <>
Tokyo, Japan - Saturday, February 15, 1997 at 05:34:53 (EST)
I discovered Cranes completely by accident one day during the summer of 1993. I was browsing the record store looking for something to buy, and meanwhile, there was this really strange music playing in the background. So I asked the store clerks what the heck they were playing and they pointed out this CD titled "Forever". I bought the album and within 24 hours Cranes were by far and away my favorite band, "Forever" was my favorite album, and nothing has changed since! I finally got to see them live in Toronto, May '95, on the Loved tour, and the concert was amazing. "Population 4" is an excellent new state-of-the-art album, and I can't wait till they tour the West Coast this year.

Stephen <>
Seattle, USA - Friday, February 14, 1997 at 23:08:54 (EST)
well in 1992 when i visited my grandfathers in miami, i just bought the spin magazine and there was i page wher anaunced the cranes as the opener for the cure wish tour; in that moment i just knew that the group should be great. why? because knewing the cure they dont want anybody to be a bad or mainstream music group specially openong for them.

i bought in a couple of seconds wings of joy and i got paralized hearing that beautifull sounds from that day i have been a complete fan of cranes.buying every album.

but let me tell you something a few hours ago my exgirlfriend called me from london and guess what she told me? well she went last night to the cranes concert, but the funniest thing is that she described it like the last thing on earth, she didnt knew the group. but before she leaved to london i tell her about this group but she was annoying about this.
alfonso penagos <>
bucaramanga, santander colombia - Friday, February 14, 1997 at 13:43:09 (EST)
Everywhere was actually the first song I heard too! 'could not gettit out of my head.
It's like a sad angel flying like a bee from flower to flower on a sunny day, singing to
her-self about her lost love. I don't know what the lyrics are about, it just sounds like
that, he-he.
Anders <>
Norway - Friday, February 14, 1997 at 07:24:36 (EST)
I first heard Cranes when I bought the Espero e.p. (all those years ago),
and I've loved them ever since, Population 4 is certainly quite different
but I really like it. Overall I would say that I prefer the older stuff
like Focus Breathe and the wonderful Starblood. Having said all this I'd
never actually seen Cranes live until last night at Kings College, I won't
be missing them again though, they were brilliant.....
Scott Walker <>
LONDON, UK - Friday, February 14, 1997 at 05:36:33 (EST)
in all honesty, the first time i heard the cranes, i despised them. they were opening for the cure in chicago and i wanted nothing more than for them to get off the stage. but a year later, i heard 'everywhere' on the radio. the rest is history. most recently i have aquired both the older and newer material. it is different, yet there is something, i do not kow what, common to all of it. i think pop4 is different, altering their style, but it is still vintage material. and the live shows, in small clubs, wel, they are simply unbeliveable.
christopher <>
albuquerque, nm USA - Thursday, February 13, 1997 at 21:45:25 (EST)
As much of a Cranes fan that I am, I really haven't been into them nearly as long as most die-hard fans. Most people were probably exposed to them on the Cure's Wish tour. However, I wasn't fortunate enough to catch that tour so I never even knew of the Cranes' existence until much much later.

It wasn't until October 94 (right before Loved came out) to be precise, and it was really sheer luck that I was exposed the Cranes. I was at the Vanderbilt University college radio station doing a late night radio show with a friend. Just a few minutes before we were to go off the air, somebody called in and requested to hear "'Everywhere' by the Cranes." I had never even heard of the Cranes before, so we played it. All I can remember is that after we finished the radio show that night, I went home thinking, "Boy, that was a really cool song. And that voice..."

The very next week we went back to the radio station to do another show. Like every week, I always dig through the station's give-away bin just to see what kind of junk cd's might happen turn up in there. But low and behold, what did I find, but a Cranes promo cd for Shining Road (don't ask me what it was doing in there). It was one of the good promos too, which had Lilies, Paris & Rome, September, and Green Song on it. I noticed that Flood produced 2 of the tracks, so I was thinking "heck, this has to at least be somewhat decent." And what an understatement that turned out to be. I took the cd home that night and was absolutely FLOORED by it!! I quickly went out and bought Loved, and shortly after bought Forever and WOJ. It was really only like a matter of 2 weeks later that I was already considering the Cranes as my all time favorite band. My luck didn't stop there, though, because I was able to catch them in concert in Atlanta the following February. I was already riding on a huge Cranes high at that point, so they really couldn't have picked a better time for me to go see them. And now here we are again, exactly 2 yrs later and I find out that the Cranes are starting their US tour at the very same venue that I saw them in Atlanta. Perfect timing once again.

Virginia Beach, VA USA - Sunday, February 9, 1997 at 01:02:46 (EST)
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